Actual conversation between me and producer

(After spending 24 hours trying to get directors notes and clients notes for the schedule, like locations, places, lighting requirements, equipment. Now sitting at home.)

Producer: Hey, can I get a schedule? We’re going to meet with the clients in 15 minutes.

Me: No one’s given me any notes. The schedule has no locations. It literally would be INT. BAR, or INT. Mall. I need someones notes before I can finish this or its useless.

Producer: Its fine. I just need the schedule to show to the clients, so they know where we’ll be shooting and they can block off the areas.


Producer: Is it coming soon?

Me: Here. Here’s the schedule. It has no use other than to state we’re shooting.

Producer: Thanks.

Producer: Hey, can you get here in 5 minutes? (No kidding 5 minutes.) we’re going to meet to go over the schedule.


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