10 iPad apps you cant live without?

And I’m deducting points for when someone suggests Angry Birds…


Bar none, this is the best app for an AD. Hands down. Email yourself an Exhibit G, have the actors sign it on the day, add or adjust times and email it to the office. Get start paperwork? Open in SignNow, sign it, fill it all out, email it back. Get paperwork back to the office as fast as possible. Going to use this app for Production Reports on my next job. Its just invaluable. Will explore the online storage option soon.

2. INRIX Traffic: Real time updates on traffic and suggestions of the best route. Hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

3. Adobe Reader: Obviously.

4. The Weather Channel App: Nice, does sunrise, sunset, 10 day out, Wind speed and direction. Pretty helpful.

5. Dropbox, CloudOn, Google Drive: Storage is about the only way you’ll get documents on and off the iPad. So pick one and make it work for you. Dropbox seems to work pretty well, but I’m not psyched about the $9.99 monthly storage. Going to keep working on storage options.

6. Google Earth: Find your location, zoom in, take a picture, open in a program and immediately draw your overheads, lock ups and base camp notes.

7. Facetime, Skype: Interview crew members, give calls and show locations or tech scouts to missing crew members. Fast and efficient way of showing off sets, locations, photos or remembering to check in with the friends and family.

8. Good Notes/ Penultimate: Keep notes, write down issues on the spot. Can keep different notebooks in the program for different jobs. And of course, paperless, and easily saved.

9.Teracentral: Going to test this out on the current film I’m 1st’ing, but its explained here: http://www.theblackandblue.com/2012/04/18/teradek-cube-ipad/

I’m excited about not fighting for a spot at the monitor and being able to watch and direct background from my iPad. I’ll update you on how it works.

10. Kingdom Rush/ PuzzleQuest 2/ Plants vs Zombies: Production meetings, Tech scout car rides and long takes get boring yo. These are three of my favorite games.

Any suggestions for more gang? What can’t you live without?


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